This service automatically filters through all the used vehicles in your stores’ inventory, scrapes all vehicles that meet underwriting guidelines, then formulates the lease payment for each vehicle in stock. It then puts a widget link on the website listing that allows the customer to figure out payments with varying down payments so that it eliminates the back and forth on the lease price for the vehicle in mind when they are at the store.

Key Points:
– We pull vehicle information and combine it with your captive bank (for new vehicles and Ally Bank for used) to pull the right rates and residuals. We also target rebates (college, military, conquest, etc.)
– We insure in the case of a miscalculation. Just deliver the used vehicle and send us the lease: we indemnify the dealer for their loss!

-Used & New Widget Calculator
-Accuracy Guarantee: Insurance backed
-VIN Specific Lease Price
-Brand Agnostic Lease Data Provided
-Lease Marketplace

For a live demo of the service go to