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Jason Wittman pictureMy name is Jason Wittman I have a long business career as a businessman, author, professional photographer, web designer, and business mentor coach. I have been building both web and blog sites for the past 14 years and have been constructing and maintaining both standard and mobile business websites for many years.  I have been a businessman and a resident of Los Angeles since 1982.

I started  Solutions 4 Automotive Marketing,  to better serve the needs of my clients. From my years of coaching business owners, I have come to realize, with the huge increases in local searches that are being done on smartphones, the need to pay attention to the businesses online reputation is of critical importance. In searching for solutions for my coaching clients whose businesses online reputation had plummeted as the result of a single negative review by a disgruntled customer, I learned that few people had a handle on how to build and protect online reputation. As a result, I learned state of the art methods for building, maintaining and protecting online reputations.

Along with working on the Online Reputation Marketing of local businesses was the necessity of those businesses to pay close attention to innovative Marketing. The online world has changed! With over 65% of the local searches for businesses being done on Smartphones, websites MUST be mobile-friendly. With this huge Smartphone using potential customer base has come vast new and effective ways to market to them, most notably, SMS (texting), QR Codes and Mobile Apps. I have acquired the state-of-the-art tools to most effectively utilizes these opportunities.

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