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Our system is the only one that is totally compliant. It does not have issues such as multiple calls, a huge factor that, when done with other systems, converts that warm, personal message from you, into just another robo type-call, which defeats the purpose. Plus being in the automotive sector it can put a huge red flag running anything that’s non-complaint. We pay a large premium to have exclusive rights to this system. The investment for the CarDrops™ service is $1/drop which includes all the set-up, call tracking, training of staff, and on-going monitoring during the campaigns. We also have the ability to generate conquest lists at either no cost, for regular on-going clients, or low cost, depending on the list requirements.

Our system is capable of calling up to 50 cell phones/minute and my organization has done a 300k drop for a major human potential seminar organization, so we are sure that we can fully service your needs. We can fully adjust the delivery rate so the responses do not overwhelm your BDCs. We personally monitor the campaign in real time via our call tracking system (which you and the GSMs will have access) to make sure that the responses you get are being handled well.We will also train the BDC staff to make sure they don’t blow otherwise very warm leads and provide very successful scripts both for the original voicemail msg and for the BDC staff.

Below are the results of two of the campaigns that we did for Community Chevrolet in Burbank. They were both 1000 CarDrops™ campaigns with the GM’s voice on the buy-back message. The list we used was the same one that they would have used for a direct mail buy-back mailing. As you can see from the charts, the results were over 20% response and immediate, about 100 responses each day of the runs in a 3-hour window. Over the many campaigns we have run for several SoCal. dealerships, the consistent results have all been between 17% and 22% every single time. The results will vary depending on the quality of the list.