Mobile Friendly Website Design

If you do not have a Smartphone friendly website for your business, the following video and slideshow ought to convince you on how important they are to your communicating with the majority of potential clients or customers that are looking for your services:

Google has just upped the stakes!

So you don’t think there is any reason to have a mobile friendly version of your website? Think again, my friends, before Google starts down-ranking their search results because your site does not fully serve smartphones, as they just announced they will do in the near future. 

This article tells the whole story: “Thank You, Google Overlords”

The Elements of a Mobile Friendly Website

~ Very simple, no long essays ~All important info is on the home page ~ Easy to read ~ Easy to navigate ~ No Flash content (Flash content shows up as a blank space on iPhones & iPads) ~ Minimum scrolling & NO side scrolling ~ Quick loading

You have two choices

Have us design a stand alone Mobile version of your Main Website. This includes setting up a hosted website, designing and installing a website that reflects the content and character of the business’s full desktop website in a simplified, mobile friendly design. We will either install this as a part of your full website (in a sub-domain) or as a stand alone website with a mobile detection link from the main site. Because we design websites to meet the individualized needs of each dealership or auto related business, they are quoted individually.

Or for those businesses that would rather have a State of the Art Website that is responsive to whatever type of viewing device, desktop browser, tablet or smartphone, we have a fantastic one that will do everything a dealership would want out of their website. It even generates the html code needed to post to Craigslist for each car in the inventory!

NEW!!!  We now have a totally responsive website design developed specially for dealerships. One of the feature includes for each inventory entry, a piece of html code that can be cut and pasted into Craigslist to create a listing for the vehicle there.

Optional, Maintenance and Hosting of the website, making sure that the site is technically up to date, with the latest WordPress configuration and compatible theme updates is $67/mo. or $750/yr. (a $54 saving). Included is 30 minutes/mo. of content updates. Extensive content updates exceeding 30 minutes will be charged at $100/hour.

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