Would You Like To Sell 15 To 30 More Cars Per Month Without Lifting A Finger?

With innovative strategies and technologies, our unique Loan Vision Ultra-Conquest Program is crushing it all over the country. It has been described as the old CapOne Mailer on steroids!! Here is a quick overview to give a glimpse of the value it offers. It is a 45-day multi-touch campaign that uses mail, overnight express packs, retargeting along with Facebook and our own Reward Winning Call Center that cold calls new Conquest Clients, handles inbound responses from our other marketing efforts, and stays in contact with them until they walk through your doors and become new found customers.

What makes this so different?

We’ve mastered the open rate, which is the bottleneck that has restricted every marketing campaign in the past. As you know, it does not matter if a mailer is sent with a 24-karat plated gold letter inside, if it gets thrown in the trash it’s worthless. With ours, we are using our multi-touch Campaign, which is our internal insurance plan to ensure that we get many, many more eyes on our “Call To Action” message, which in turn, multiplies the number of responses. Because we use our own, highly trained Call Center, we are way more efficient in converting those responses into customers.

From the beginning, until the new, qualified, customers walk into your door, this is a 45 day, totally done for you, Appointment Setting Campaign.

For Details of the Program Click Here and then Call Us for a one-on-one presentation including a hands-on demo of our unique dealer dashboard.



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